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Interior renderings offer a perspective on what it will be like to work or live in that space. Image courtesy of Ziad Balakosy. Many considerations like light, shadowing and reflection factor into the creation of exterior renderings. These factors are important in considering how a building will relate to the environment and people around it.

Image courtesy of BNIM. Many companies use an aerial view render in their presentations to show a dynamic perspective that leads to better understanding of landscapes, surrounding buildings, and complete visualizations.

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Image courtesy of VRRT. DBOX stays on top of new technology to deliver exclusive work like the Park Avenue project, the tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere. Read story. Image courtesy of DBOX. Tangram 3DS specializes in comprehensive design solutions for the AEC, interior design, maritime, and real estate industries.

Image courtesy of Tangram 3DS. Stefan Lopusny, artist and founder of design visualization studio Fat Tony Studio, tackles an animated film with In Circles. Image courtesy of Stefan Lopusny. Learn how to use 3ds Max software to generate high-quality still images and animations of building models created in Revit software.

Watch video min. Learn about Revit. Learn about 3ds Max. We offer free Autodesk software for students and educators. True to its name, Octane Render is one of the best rendering software on the market, packing a truly powerful rendering engine with a ton of features at your disposal. One of the biggest advantages of Octane Render is the rendering engine, which is incredibly powerful and a lot faster than traditional free software. Image via home. Remember to be familiar with most other renderers, and you should be good to go. Autodesk Revit is another name that needs no introduction in the rendering community.

It has one of the most powerful rendering engines on the market.


All of this makes this one of the best professional rendering software out there if you need something for professional use. The BIM functionalities beyond simply make it one of the most extraordinary software one can learn and as Autodesk happily offers free educational licenses to students, it is accessible too! Yes, Revit is not necessarily about rendering first hand but it does a decent job and considering how good it is at all the rest, it simply must be present in this list.

Image via maxon. One other reason to choose Cinema 4D is if you want to stand out from the crowd of people using Blender and Autodesk, and go for something more offbeat, with your distinctive style. But Lumion does have a significant advantage, which they proudly tout in their marketing. Regarding actual usability, Lumion shines in creating attractive renders with minimal effort.

Another thing to note is that the user interface is one of the best out there, making this an absolute joy to use. Lumion offers students a free license. Another offering from Autodesk, this is another popular option for architects. But the defining feature here is not that it does visualizations particularly well or anything like that.

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But apart from the introduction into Autodesk, it does visualizations pretty well and has a powerful set of tools and features that rival the other options in this list, even the paid ones. From creating basic visualizations to advanced renders, Punch Home Design Studio can certainly help you do all of that, while teaching you everything that you need to know about rendering and architectural visualizations as a whole. Overall, it is a great way to start off your journey into rendering, with enough, but not over-the-top features, and a good community to help out.

This is arguably the king of rendering software. Envisioned by Chaosgroup, this software has remained at the pinnacle of architectural rendering.

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And for good reason. This is one of the most, if not the most powerful rendering engine available on the market today. With an exhaustive list of tools and features to visualize anything from a small room to a skyscraper, the sky is the limit with VRAY. Image via chaosgroup. But there is another caveat with the price. You can get a free trial and see if you are comfortable using it.

Only after that do you have to make a purchase. Corona Renderer is one of the newer rendering software on the market. For instance, these tools allow you to quickly draw walls, doors, and windows that behave like real-world objects and include the details necessary to construct them. You can also improve your productivity with a library of detail components, such as section views of beams and columns. However, monthly and 3-year plans are also available. Order and download here. Educational version: Students are eligible for free 3-year licenses of this 3D architecture software.

Find out more here. You can generate photorealistic renders directly within this 3D architecture software. Choose from a selection of presets that have been tailored to different requirements such as quick low-resolution renders to communicate a design presentation quality renders that can be used in meetings with stakeholders. Because this 3D architecture software is an Autodesk product, it is easy to export projects into one of the professional 3D animations software like Maya and 3ds Max for creating jaw-dropping clips of your projects.

Autodesk offers its own take on BIM modeling with Revit. Although this 3D architecture software is younger than ArchiCAD, it is not merely following in its footsteps. Unlike 3D architecture software ArchiCAD, it is not only designed for architects but aims to incorporate all relevant disciplines of building design into one suite. The advantage of this approach is obvious; architects need to collaborate with MEP, electrical, mechanical, and structural design teams, so using the same tool eases the communication and coordination between the disciplines.

One of the key features of Revit is its implementation of parametric building modeling. Meaning that all the components of a building in this BIM software are interdependent.

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This feature allows planners to make substantial changes without the need to redraw every component by hand. As Revit is an Autodesk product, it integrates well with other tools from this publisher. Meaning that files can be loaded into this 3D architecture software without fuss. However, this broad range of features takes its toll on the user who is at first overwhelmed by its massive libraries.

The only downside of Revit is that it runs solely on Windows computers. Revit offers a large array of tools for rendering. These are capable of producing photorealistic renderings of interior and exterior scenes. For more advanced rendering, Revit models can also be imported into Autodesk 3ds Max. The name itself says everything, ArchiCAD is a 3D architecture software specially designed for architects and interior architects. Since the beginning, walls, doors, windows, ceilings, staircases, and roofs have been two and three-dimensional.

The integration of closed ones has always been self-evident. The BIM software has been continuously refined with annual updates. Also, different store heights and sloping walls are created. ArchiCAD is suitable for small buildings and interiors as well as for very large building projects.

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With the possibility to work in a team, several employees can be involved in a project at the same time. For this, however, the corresponding settings must be made, which is not necessary with AutoCAD. With ArchiCAD, you can always create simple, realistic renderings with materials and shadows.

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The program is easy to learn and easy to use. At universities and colleges, it is very much used in architecture, the distribution in architecture offices is very high. The great advantage of ArchiCAD is that it has been specially developed for a user group where the program is very successful in competitions, design planning and execution and detail planning. Many architectural firms in North America today prefer the 3D architecture software Revit, as the inclusion of MEP and engineering disciplines save a lot of time and money.

However, this broad range of features takes its toll on the user who is at first overwhelmed by the massive libraries of this BIM software. Get it here.

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Architects have always been able to use the ArchiCAD shadows in their buildings, but through the integration of Cinema 4D it is possible to generate photo-realistic rendering. With post-processing on Photoshop, their projects can be even more realistic. This 3D Architecture Software is very graphically oriented.

Therefore, it is well suited for presentations and competitions. Thanks to annual updates, the software has evolved at a steady pace. You are now able to plan from small to very large 3D projects and also use the BIM Building information modeling feature. Vectorworks consists of a basic module and extensions for architecture, interior design and landscape architecture. The fact that Vectorworks is taught in many architectural schools means that many offices use this 3D architecture software today. Furniture or complex structures can be created in that way.

A great advantage of Vectorworks is that among many large architectural offices, there are also carpenters, craftsmen and especially landscape architects using this 3D architecture software, which makes it a great interchangeable format to work with. Vectorworks offers a free 30 Day trial of its 3D architecture software: Get it here. Click here to get your full version 3D architecture software license. Moreover, there is an annual update service for the 3D architecture software available.