Java native compiler for mac

Maybe someone knows which compilers have been used to create the Eclipse binaries. Those shouldn't be a wrong choice.

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Deploying a Java Application As a Native Mac

So that is probably what you saw, or more are feeling when you work with eclipse. Its not only the exe extension. Which Java native compilers can be recommended? The eclipse binaries aren't native-compiled Java; they're native programs that use the JNI to launch a normal Java program. What goal are you hoping to achieve by such pre-compilation?

How to Install JDK 8 (on Windows, Mac OS, Ubuntu) and Get Started with Java Programming

The JVM can compile byte code to native code on the fly for you. There are some tricks to force it to compile. What problem are you trying to solve?

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Beside the reason mentioned below, I also thought that it could be advantageous to be intependent of the installed JRE. No problem.

Compile Java on Mac OS X

Do you want to call some fast C code from Python, go ahead. But the real power of Graal becomes clear when we use a third command: This command takes your Java class es and turns them into an actual program, a standalone binary executable, without any virtual machine!

How to create a macOS installer for a Java application (.jar)

The commands you pass to native-image very similar to what you would pass to java. In this case we have the classpath and the Main class:.

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