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One more thing: The iMac 15" 1 Ghz now is also confirmed to work with the patch. Some information about the newly released iMacs and some more. I have received some feedback from owners of the newly released 1. I haven't received any feedback regarding the new 1 Ghz 15" model but I think the patch would work there as well. If you are a lucky owner of one of those iMacs please send me your feedback.

A note for those still willing to do the maual patch not the AppleScript one : You need to plug in your AC adapter when you enter the code in Open Firmware. Without AC power the nvstore command won't work. Unfortunately I've not been able to respond to email within a decent time in many cases lately. Please be advised that it might take me a week or so to get back to you. I try to reply to all email but since my mailbox is constantly overflowing it tends to take some time. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Which Macs are compatible with Ubuntu?

Please read the whole page before asking me questions to avoid unnecessary work. The final version of my AppleScript patch will be available for download soon. The beta didn't reveal any issues so the final version will be functionally the same as the beta that I sent out to many readers already those who applied the patch already - by either entering it manually or with the beta script won't have to use the final version again. A word about scripts and a possible solution for dead iBooks.

The German computer magazine c't released an AppleScript that enables screen spanning. It does pretty much the same as my patch. However, it doesn't warn you about the risks. As a result there's a new wave of dead Rage-based iBooks. This is the reason why I didn't release a program to automate the process. The problem is that a program or AppleScript will lower the inhibition threshold.

People don't think about the possible consequences as they would if they have to enter the code manually. But since there now is a program to do the job and since it's not a very good one not available in English either I decided to release my own AppleScript to do it right. Since I never really tested it except on my own iBook Mhz 12" I can't say if it will work in every case but it showed no problems here.

On iBooks it will also enable clamshell mode which was not available previously clamshell mode behaves a bit weird sometimes at least with the TV adapter - couldn't test it with a real monitor and external keyboard yet.

The program can also be used on some iMac and eMac models see list linked below. If you wish to get a copy please email me. Just to make it clear to everyone: this script won't enable spanning on any machine that wasn't supported so far but it should work with every supported Mac see this list. The script checks if you have a supported machine as a security measure and should display a message that it won't run on your Mac. However, if you know your machine is not supported you shouldn't try this program either.

There might be a solution for dead Rage-based iBooks.

Passez votre vieux Mac au moins sur snow leopard

So far this has helped at least one iBook owner: 1 remove battery, leave ac adapter plugged in 2 hold down the Apple key and press the power button 3 you should hear the startup chime - keep the buttons pressed until you see the open firmware interface 4 type reset-nvram and press enter for international keyboards the keys might be in a different location than expected 5 type reset-all and press enter 6 your iBook should now boot normally If anybody had success with these instructions please let me know.

After about 2 months another quick update. Throughout the last month I have received several reports regarding the new eMac. Fortunately they all said that the patch worked fine without any further modification that is for the eMac models released this Spring that have a Mhz system bus and ATI Radeon graphics - the older eMac with Mhz system bus and GeForce2MX is not supported.

I think it's time for a little summary of supported and unsupported systems since I keep getting emails asking if a specific model would work or not. You can find a hopefully complete list here. Some News for those who are interested in the newly released Macs and some resolution clarification.

Mac OS 9 - Wikipedia

I don't have any info about the eMac with Radeon yet but I expect no problems with this machine either the old eMac did not work though. In the past the question about available resolutions came up a few times so I want to clear things up: When you install the patch you not only get the ability to use an external monitor to extend your desktop but you also get to choose the external resolution. It's no longer limited to the internally available resolutions. Most resolutions that are available on Powerbooks or Powermacs will be available on your iBook or iMac.

What to Do if Your Mac Can’t Run OS X Yosemite

Depending on your specific model you might not be able to use a certain resoltion that might be there with another machine though. This patch does not allow the iBook to operate in clamshell mode operate with the lid closed and it doesn't allow you to turn off the internal display either. If you have problems with certain monitors or resolutions or their unavailability you should try SwitchRes by Stephane Madrau.

This tool enables resolutions that might be unavailable for some reason. Please let me know if SwitchRes helped resolve your issues. When you use Linux besides Mac OS on your iBook you will notice that after you apply the patch you can't boot into Linux anymore. If you reinstall Yaboot the patch doesn't work anymore but you can boot into Linux again. The problem is that the patch selects the root device with select-dev but doesn't release it once it's done. To solve this problem I added another line containing unselect to the patch code.

If you tried the patch already and experienced this issue you should zap the NVRAM and enter the whole patch again as listed below. You could also add the extra line in nvedit but you should only do that if you're familiar with the Open Firmware as you can easily make a mistake. If you don't have the problem you don't need to change anything but if you apply the patch for the first time you should use the new code as shown below.

This is just a quick update. I didn't have much time lately so it's been a while since I posted news here. The new iBooks released Nov. The procedure is the same as for the original Radeon iBooks see below. If you have the new mhz version you still need to do this though. The same patch can also be used to enable dual head mode for the 17" iMac. I have verified this myself a little while ago. Some people have asked if there is a way to test if the iBook will be able to use the patch without applying it permanently. Well, permanently until you zap the nvram but there were cases with Rage-based iBooks where storing and enabling the patch caused the iBook to stop working and not even zapping the nvram helped.

Whats the easiest way to install OS 9 on a G5?

So for all of those who want to make sure the patch will work with their iBook can simply enter the following in Open Firmware please read the whole page before you do this :. This will enable dual head mode only once until you reboot. You might still have to disable mirroring in the 'Displays' pref pane.

You can find this option under the tab 'Arrange'. If 'Arrange' is not there then the patch doesn't work with your iBook or you entered it incorrectly. Ever wondered why your new iBook 16MB VRAM can't display an extended desktop on an external screen even though it has a Radeon chip that does support this feature?

Vintage Mac Gaming in 2018

Well, for some reason Apple decided to lock this function. The good news is that I've been working on a solution for some time now. At first I discovered how to enable an extended desktop also called screen spanning or dual head mode with a trick in Mac OS 9. For other uses, see OS9 disambiguation. Mac OS X Main article: Classic Environment. Retrieved Archived from the original on PearPC Developers.

Archived from the original on 17 January Retrieved 24 December Apple Inc. Classic Mac OS. Operating systems by Apple.

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