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You can write, publish, schedule a post, add categories and tags right from your desktop.

Find the Best Offline Blog Editors for Windows and Mac

There are several third party options available for doing this. One of the free options for Windows is the Windows Live Writer. Save your changes. Download Windows Live Writer.

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Although you have to download the entire Live Essentials package, you can choose to only install Live Writer. Add a nickname for your blog this is how it will be identified within Windows Live Writer and confirm you want to save this blog. At the top left of the window you can set categories category list is pulled from the WordPress blog.

Just to the right of this you can also select tags. You can also add categories and tags from within Windows Live Writer. You can open local draft posts or recent posts as well as other standard options from the Live Writer Menu. All in all, Windows Live Writer and similar packages gives you the opportunity to work offline, yet retain most of the options were use to when writing a blog post.

Delete Account in Windows Live Writer

Where did you find so much great stuff? I have use Windows Live Writer to post on Microsoft blog but have never use it on wordpress. Not sure if it will break my wordpress themes. Glad you like the post Nicholas.

Best Desktop Blogging Software – Updated (12222)

Thanks for letting me know. I will check it out to see how it works with my theme.

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I am not very technical so I am always afraid of breaking things. Currently I have the version installed. You have listed down the best alternatives to WLW… however, my favorite is still the default editor built-in to WordPress. Tech Maish, Jashmine. I rarely use any blogging editors other than the default one Ruchi.. I guess am addicted to the default one, so my mind is not giving any second thought to these editors. But they look good, thanks for sharing.

How To Connect Your WordPress Blog To Open Live Writer

But there are people who have blogs in multiple platforms. They will want to use something to post to all the platforms at once. But not with WLW. By far the best off-line blogging tool in the market. I have tried Open Live Writer but it seems that nobody is interested in continuing developing and the plug-ins offered page is blank year after year.

How To Download Windows Live Writer Software

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  • Find the Best Offline Blog Editors for Windows and Mac.
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Reviews Current version All versions. Sort Date Most helpful Positive rating Negative rating. Pros Eaiser to write great looking blog posts. Also easy to add hyperlinks and links to pictures Cons Would like more options with the watermark but that's failry minor. Summary I recommend this to anyone with a blog. I love it!

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Pros I wouldn't know Cons Same as above. Pros Did I load that? Or did I? Cons Did I load that? Summary Did I load that? Pros downloaded but never used Cons No idea at all Summary By what I read there are other programmes that do same with less fuss. Pros Fast, easy to use, powerful tool to create blog entries. Cons None that I could determine, other than platform specific to Windows. Summary Microsoft hits a solid hit with the free package of Live Writer. Summary Wonderful Product! Pros good if I have windows 7 Cons good if I have windows 7.

Summary Forget it Pros Hakuna matata Cons Eu non seque dezir.