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As such, this type of site can serve as a safe environment, in which new features and troubleshooting methods can be tested. For these reasons, creating a locally-hosted WordPress site is highly recommended for just about any development project. A few crucial ingredients are needed if you want to install WordPress locally.

Installing each of these elements separately, however, is time-consuming and difficult.

How To Install WordPress on XAMPP on Your Mac

There, you can test plugins, experiment with themes and coding, and carry out other development activities safely. XAMPP is free and open-source software, backed-up by a sizable support community. For this tutorial, we will be covering the steps for the Mac version of the software. It should be mentioned that if you are running XAMPP on Windows, and another program on your machine is using ports 80 or , you may encounter a port error.

To forcibly unlock your ports, you will need to set up a new firewall rule:. You should see a green light in the upper right-hand corner of the display:.

Manage local domains using vhost

This will ensure that your database management and server software elements are in place for your local environment. Then, switch over to the Network tab. Here, you can define the port forwarding rules between your host machine and your stack. Select the localhost option you wish to work on, and then hit the Enable button. In this example, we will be using localhost :.

How to Install WordPress in XAMPP in Mac 2018

To do this, open up your preferred web browser, and type in your localhost name which in our case would be localhost Once there, select the phpMyAdmin button in the top right-hand corner of the page:. There is a chance that you are going to work on multiple WordPress projects in the future and it would be cool to access them via custom domains i. Virtual Host is a term that describes exactly this functionality.

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For example the URL to a page about your company may end up being mycompany. In the case of WordPress we will more likely see something like mycompany. This is the reason why we need to explicitly enable it. WordPress is written in PHP. That being so our server surely needs to know how to deal with.

Personally I store the source files to all websites that I am working on inside a Sites folder in my home directory. It is not a requirement, just a convention. We have to amend this path. Please, be sure to change the name of your username folder — the chances that your directory is called pawelgrzybek are slim!

To easily change the server configuration on a per-directory basis, Apache uses. The AllowOverride controls section of the configuration file allows us to enable the use of.

Install WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal locally with XAMPP ()

Edit the value of AllowOverride from None to All. We are done here!

Do you remember vhost Virtual Host that we enabled second ago? Open this file via the text editor of your choice. Feel free to comment it out or delete it. Add a configuration blocks that look like this make sure that you have amended the paths accordingly to your username and domain :. The DocumentRoot tells Apache which directory the domain specified under the ServerName should be pointing to. The ErrorLog enables any error log files for this website this may be helpful for debugging in the future.

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This way you can easily check and test your theme for public release. When creating a new site, be sure to optimize your domain name!

Why You Might Need a Local WordPress Site

Now, go develop some cool web applications! Check them out and install the ones you need. In this tutorial, you just learned how easy it is to install XAMPP to the desktop so that you can have your very own PHP web development testing server. More specifically, this is what we did together:.

Apache, PHP, MySQL and Perl all in one package

Feel free to provide feedback and ask questions lots of them! Mistakes happen — so please let us know if we made a mistake or you see an error. We've driven over 4 million leads for clients in the last five years. Share this article: Return to top. Download it Save File onto your computer. Hit the Go button to create the database user. Running the WordPress install script 29 To finish the installation of WordPress, navigate to the install script. Testing to see if your WordPress installation works 32 Navigate to the home page of your WordPress installation.


How to install XAMPP on your Mac

WordPress local installation completed! Hit the Upload file and Import button. Click the Submit button.